Enterprise Security


idgateway_img-smallAs the number of threats to organisations’ IT infrastructure increases, so does the need for a comprehensive security solution to protect sensitive information and data. We offer a highly integrated and comprehensive SIEM solution that is flexible and scalable to accommodate your organisation’s expanding infrastructure and growing security needs. Our solution assists in predicting risks and detecting potential threats before they occur, combating fraud and consolidating data storage, and will flag any events that need further investigation, and what responses are required to ensure the secure protection of your organisation.

Our team knows your database is a significant asset and therefore can be a valuable target and requires a thorough and vigilant approach to protect it. Cyber attacks, application layer fraud and unauthorized access attempts are some of the risks to database security that we can help your organisation overcome with our implementation of the right technology. Our consultants specialise in managing and improving database security through a process of monitoring, auditing, reporting, assessing, classifying, hardening and improving security. We can combine comprehensive solutions with our experience to offer your organisation a complete database protection system.

Web-based software security is becoming an increasingly greater issues throughout organisations. However, many organisations are not performing thorough vulnerability security assessments to monitor the security of their sensitive information. When regulatory standards are not being met, this can also result in fines or penalties, as well as a loss of business due to reduced consumer confidence and brand damage from compromised security. We can implement leading security solutions to protect your organisation’s sensitive data and ensure that your web applications are security throughout their lifecycle. We’ll ensure our solution helps you meet your compliance requirements, provide on-demand security audits, make costeffective security improvements to your web applications and include security testing and scan and complete comprehensive reports across your enterprise applications.