Database security

Your data at risk

Like most organisations, your database is a significant asset and a valuable target, and it requires a thorough and vigilant
approach to ensuring it is protected from cyber-attacks, application layer fraud, and unauthorised access attempts.

Ensure greater database security with IBM’s Infosphere Guardium technology and Decipher Works’ capability. Our team of IBM Security System specialists are experts at managing and improving database security through a process of constant monitoring, auditing, reporting, assessing, classifying, hardening and then improving security.

How can Decipher Works and IBM’s Infosphere Guardium product help secure your organisation’s data?

Decipher Works is a trusted IBM Partner and we specialise in helping organisations implement the latest, leading edge database security solutions. By combining IBM’s comprehensive and robust solutions with Decipher Works’ experience and know-how you are assured of a solution that will meet all your database security needs.

IBM’s InfoSphere Guardium solution is unique in its ability to provide a complete database security solution and we at Decipher Works are experts in optimising its implementation and management. Just some of the benefits of combining the Decipher Works experience and know-how with the world-class standards and performance of the IBM Infosphere Guardium solution include being able to:

  • Locate and secure your critical enterprise data.
  • Establish a straightforward and robust solution for protecting your financial and ERP information, customer data and IP.
  • Assess your database’s vulnerabilities and easily identify flaws.
  • Prevent suspicious or unauthorised activities both internal and external to your organisation.
  • Monitor and assess potential fraud by users across a wide range of enterprise applications.
  • Track suspicious activities on file sharing platforms.
  • Achieve 100% visibility with all database transactions.
  • Optimise for efficiency with a scalable solution.
  • Automate and centralise compliance controls.
  • Easily scale up across your enterprise and into distributed data centres.