Application vulnerability scanning

How your web-based applications could be putting you at risk

Web-based software security is becoming an increasingly greater issue throughout organisations. However many of those businesses are not performing thorough vulnerability security assessments to ensure they are complying with regulatory standards. As a result, sensitive information is unnecessarily being made vulnerable and exposed to criminal activities. Furthermore, by failing to meet regulatory standards, those organisations are also open to receiving fines or penalties, as well as lost business through lost consumer confidence and brand damage from compromised security.

It is vital that you protect your organisation’s sensitive data, and ensure that your web applications are secure all the way through their lifecycle.

How IBM’s AppScan and Decipher Works can help you and your organisation

Decipher Works is a trusted IBM Partner and we specialise in helping organisations implement the latest, leading-edge security solutions. By combining IBM’s comprehensive and robust vulnerability assessment technology with Decipher Works’ experience and know-how you are assured of a security assessment that will meet your needs.

Just some of the ways Decipher Works can help you include:

  • Meeting your compliance requirements.
  • Providing on-demand security audits and production monitoring.
  • Integrating security testing into your quality management processes.
  • Improving your web application security cost-effectively.
  • Helping your developers by including security testing in the development environment.
  • Including security testing and analysis in your build environment.
  • Providing comprehensive reporting suitable for PCI.
  • Running application testing security scans across your enterprise applications.